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I take a holistic approach to helping you reach your health and wellness goals. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I provide caring and compassionate assistance to every client, couple, or family, no matter their age, race, or health condition--including those dealing with thyroid or autoimmune issues. Let me be your guide and coach on the path to lifelong health transformation. Click on the Buttons below to see some client transformations!

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Breast Cancer Survivor Michele, put aside her excuses and lost 40 lbs!

Michele ~ "I'm Michele, an educator, a single Mom of 4, and a breast cancer survivor. This program has literally saved my life. Over five years ago, I finally put aside my excuses and fears to lose 40 pounds I gained as a result of cancer treatment. I could control nothing in my world at that time, but I could control what I put in my mouth. As I found victory, it spilled into other areas of my life... how I parented, how I taught, how I spent or saved money, how I faced life. Today, I walk in freedom. 9 years cancer free, supporting my family well, teaching because it's a passion not because I need the paycheck, and walking with others on their journey. Freedom feels pretty great.

PCOS didn't stop Rachael from achieving a healthy weight!

Rachael has PCOS. So for her to see results, she had to change what she did every day. A quick fix restrictive diet wasn't going to work, because with a hormone issue, it's about long term management. Otherwise, you just end up back where you started. If you want lasting results, Take it one day at a time, one small healthy habit at a time, and just don't quit! What you desire in health is possible. Reach out and let me guide you!

No more girdle for Cecilia after losing 40 lbs!

Cecelia ~ "Being tall has its advantages. One of the advantages is being able to hide weight. On the left, I was carrying 40 extra pounds all squeezed into a girdle underneath the sparkles. Oh, the liberating feeling of not having to wear that girdle and the relief of pressure on my knees is priceless! This year I’ll be 54 and I will continue working on my ultra health, thanks to my amazing coach and inspiring community and structured proven system! Second to none!"

Nicole lost 130+ lbs and is making memories with her family and living again!

Nicole ~ “My life changed as soon as I realized that everything starts and ends with ME. I had to be honest with myself, evaluate my priorities, and learn how to take care of myself both physically and mentally. With the help of my coaches, I learned how to fuel my body correctly, discovered healthy ways to relieve stress, and built the habits I needed to reach my goals. What’s the difference between the two photos? 🔥 I’m 130+ pounds lighter WITH muscle and endurance! 🔥I’m a better wife, parent, teacher, friend, daughter, and sibling. 🔥I went from feeling incredibly uncomfortable in short sleeve t-shirts to wearing whatever is appropriate for the occasion and weather…including bikinis! 🔥Most importantly, I am living again! I’m making memories with my family and teaching the importance of self-care. I am proud of myself! Life will change the moment YOU commit more to your dreams than you do to your comfort zone. Tell yourself you can do it. Put in the work. Give yourself the respect you give others. You are worth it!”

Kathy went from sitting to doing 5Ks, and has recreated her life!

Kathy ~ "I went from sitting all the time to doing 5 K’s and working toward a marathon. This weight loss sure has changed my life for the better!!! I am no longer just existing. I’m making up all the years I’ve lost-I am recreating my life and loving it!!!"

Simi had bumps along the way, changed her mindset and reached a healthy weight!

Simi ~ "“But what if I fail?” Does our program have a 100% success rate? Of course not. Otherwise there would be NO NEED for it because everyone would have done it already. Honestly when I first started, I had some results but then I quit for several months. Why? I just wasn’t ready to get serious about my health. And I didn’t fully utilize the system. I was embarrassed and ashamed... didn’t want to tell anyone what I was doing or ask for help from my coach. But when I came back... it clicked. I *fully* committed. And now I’m never turning back. I realized that quitting on my OWN SELF isn’t something I did once. It was a choice I made over and over again... until I decided to stop quitting. Our program is for people who are ready to GET SERIOUS about their health. Are you ready?"

Addie is smiling in the dressing room after going from a size 20 to a size 8!

Addie ~ "Why yes, this IS what you do in the dressing room when you zip up a pair of ***SIZE 8*** skinny jeans. WHAT?!?!?! True story, I was almost in a size 20 last October. When I started my health journey, I couldn’t imagine this kind of transformation. I couldn’t imagine being smaller and healthier than I was in high school. Shoot, I couldn’t imagine actually being able to jump in the air like this. BUT... It’s real. This is me. The REAL me. The me I had discounted, but was “jumping” to be set free. Are you like the girl on the left and imagining something else for yourself? Something better? Something healthier? You are worthy."

Hypothyrodism didn't stop Alysia from losing 72 lbs!

Alysia ~"I was in the mindset that I was never going to lose weight because I’m hypothyroid. Thankfully I decided to give it a try and I’m so happy I did! So thankful for this plan!!! With 72 pounds gone, I’m actually looking forward to Summer!"

Beth is 58 years young and down 50 lbs, which has changed her life!

Beth ~ January 2019 "58 years young and down 50 lbs!! I started my journey in August of 2017 after realizing that I didn't recognize the girl in my reflection any longer. I had many emotional changes in my life in the past 8 years and found myself suffering through some depression and as a result I found comfort in food and the weight seemed slowly show up....which caused more depression. I also had a sedentary lifestyle and job. I joined a gym and did a crossfit bootcamp 3 to 4xs weekly but only lost 13 pounds....but what I gained were several physical injuries. I had lower back issues, knee issues, severe plantar fasciitis in both feet and piraformus syndrome. I had arthritis starting and ached all over most days. It was difficult to walk some days. I decided that this had to end....that's when I called a friend who had been posting on Facebook and started program. Since starting program, all my ailments have disappeared. I walk painfree and have amazing energy! I now had the confidence to quit my sedentary job of 8 years and pursue a career that exercises my mind as well as my body. This program has changed my life! It's given me my life back!! My husband says its nice to see me looking in the mirror again....he says he has his wife back. I am a mother of 4 grown children and a grandmother of 5 and feel younger now than I have in years!"

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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