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I take a holistic approach to helping you reach your health and wellness goals. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I provide caring and compassionate assistance to every client, couple, or family, no matter their age, race, or health condition--including those dealing with thyroid or autoimmune issues. Let me be your guide and coach on the path to lifelong health transformation. Click on the Buttons below to see some client transformations!

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Cecilia is an African American female who feels liberated after losing 40 lbs!

Cecilia ~ "Being tall has its advantages. One of the advantages is being able to hide weight. On the left, I was carrying 40 extra pounds all squeezed into a girdle underneath the sparkles. Oh, the liberating feeling of not having to wear that girdle and the relief of pressure on my knees is priceless! This year I’ll be 54 and I will continue working on my ultra health, thanks to my amazing coach and inspiring community and structured proven system! Second to none!"

Kurt is an African American male who lost 55 lbs and is feeling great!

Kurt ~ "I struggled with my weight for years! I had just about given up. I was prepared to live with heart palpitations, heartburn, sleep apnea, blood pressure pills, & exhaustion for the rest of my life. While wearing XXL clothing. Diet after diet, failure after failure, & quitting after quitting. I could not find an answer. I decided to try one more time with this program & I FINALLY FOUND A SOLUTION!! Almost 2 years later I have kept my 55 lb weight loss off. I feel great, I'm active with my kids sleeping great & I'm OFF my pills. Today, I have family & friends that are getting healthy too. All because I gave it ONE MORE TRY."

Brittany is an African American female who didn't get results in the gym. She got incredible results on my program!

Brittany ~ "The picture on the left USED to be my goal weight picture when I began my journey at over 350lbs. At this time I was working for a well know health and fitness center. I literally LIVED in the gym!!! I worked out 5 to 6 times a week and ate what I thought was a balanced diet (counting calories, watching macros, etc.). The picture on the right is from today. Can you believe I am actually 30 lbs lighter NOW than I was in my goal picture!!?? I was KILLING myself in the gym and spending so much time stressing over what to eat!! My health routine looks a lot different these days: I DON’T go to the gym I DON’T limit my calorie intake I DON’T count macros Instead…. I DO incorporate healthy movement daily I DO eat 6 small meals a day I DO focus on getting healthy protein and green veggies in daily As someone who is not new to the health and fitness world, I can tell you I have tried it ALL!! This health program is a game changer and actually works!!”

-100 Lbs!

James is an African American male who is no longer masking hurt and pain after losing 128 pounds!

James ~ "This program has changed my life . I was in a pit of self doubt and unworthiness. Lacking self-love and EXISTING in a life I didn’t recognize. I was taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I was also using a C-PAP machine to sleep. I took a flight to see my sister and needed a seatbelt extender. My stomach was so large; the seatbelt did not buckle over it. WOW! What an eye opener. THAT, was my breaking point. 9.5 months on program and I released 128 pounds! I feel like a whole new man because of the tools I’ve learned through the our transformational system and my awesome health coach. I am now able to stand taller. I am able to sit in the middle seat of a plane comfortably, with extra room on each side! Now, when I look in the mirror I see ME! I see THE LIGHT IN MY EYES are back and my smile is genuine, NOT masking hurt and pain."

-40 Lbs!

Renica is an African American female who lost 64 lbs in 7 months!

Renica ~ "An investment in myself turned into the greatest transformation that I am incredibly grateful for! When I first started my healthy journey, I was only expecting to lose about 20 pounds and hoping that I could see a change! 7 months in and 64 pounds later, I’m far better off than I could even imagine! I share my transformation with others to motivate and inspire the world to get healthier! One healthy habit at a time!"

Jacquole is an African American female who lost 30 lbs, but gained so much more!

Jacquole ~ "True transformation happens when we change the way we think. I have gotten rid of habits that no longer serve me, developed healthy habits that have helped me lose over 30 lbs and adopted a new healthy lifestyle! LEFT PIC: * always tired * lethargic * joints achy * angry and easily irritated * emotionally unstable * addicted to refined carbs RIGHT PIC: That's the healthier me! * full of energy * full of confidence * longer emotionally unstable * no longer a slave to refined carbs * different relationship with food * Most of all, a renewed mind that came along with my physical transformation."

Yanna is an African American female who lost 110 lbs and says she "is a better mom, wife and ME"!

Yanna ~ " What a difference a little over 9 months and a little effort can make! In my before picture I was 352 lbs on a cruise with swollen ankles trying to enjoy myself. I was constantly uncomfortable. My health affected every aspect of my life. After saying no to this program in September 2019, after my cruise because I just needed to try harder I made the call again to avoid WLS. It’s changed my life and the life of my family. This program is the whole package from support, community, education, and simplicity. I’ve lost 110lbs since 7/2/2020. I’m a better mom to my 5 kids. I’m a better wife. I’m a better ME!"

Tracie is an African American female who learned how to not let food control her. She has lost 51 lbs!

Tracie ~ "I get so excited and proud of myself when I look at my progress! I'm down 51 pounds! Guys, I was a junk food eater. All I wanted was sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I feel good, because I'm learning how to control me and food and not food control me. To walk in self control and discipline make me smile."

Annetta is an African American female. Her lifestyle change has transformed her mind, body and relationship with food!

Annetta ~ "TAKING CARE OF ME! No more diets! My lifestyle has changed through the gift of this progam. My body, MIND are being TRANSFORMED and my relationship with food is changing. In January, I was 318 lbs. At last Friday's weigh-in, 273. The picture on the left was last year around this time. On the right, was last Friday! I still have more weight to lose, but I'm gaining optimal health DAILY!"

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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